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Age of Montessori’s professional development webinars allow you to refresh and renew your passion for Montessori education, broaden your understanding of different areas of early childhood learning, and sharpen your skills. Learn from our Montessori experts, faculty and special guest speakers.

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Early Childhood Webinars

Early Childhood

Timely topics with real-life examples and practical tips you can use right away

  • Save time – find professional training at your fingertips 
  • Be inspired by the gems: those pearls of wisdom that Montessori gave to us

Classroom Management and Teaching

  • Addressing Problem Behaviors in the Montessori Classrooms
  • Bridge to the Peaceful Child
  • Freedom and Discipline: Positive Discipline Tools for Young Children in the Classroom
  • Freedom within Limits
  • Grace and Courtesy - Feel the Love!
  • Honoring the Inner Teacher
  • Overcome Bullying: Creating a Peaceful Classroom
  • Montessori Assistant
  • Montessori-ize Your Transition Times
  • Overcome Bullying: Creating a Peaceful Classroom
  • Pathway to Learning
  • Transitions in the Life of a Montessori Student

Reading + Math + Practical Life

  • Essential Skills for Beginning and Struggling Readers
  • Learning to Read Is Child's Play, Part 1
  • Learning to Read is Child's Play, Part 2
  • Montessori Math Made Simple
  • Practical Life: Fine Motor Skills and Beyond
  • Royal Road to Reading

Sensorial Roots

  • Art in the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Music within the Montessori Classroom
  • Sensorial Roots of Science and Culture 1 – Geography and Peace
  • Sensorial Roots of Science and Culture 2 – Art Appreciation and Activities
  • Sensorial Roots of Science and Culture 3 – Biology, Botany and Zoology

Teachers & Schools

Professional Development on Demand

  • Resources on Timely Topics  
  • Explore Parent - School Partnerships
Montessori Resources for Teachers and School

From Team Building to Understanding Dyslexia 

  • Building Your Classroom Team
  • Filling Your Own Cup First - Part 1
  • Filling Your Own Cup First - Part 2
  • Fostering Parent Engagement: Building a Strong School Community that Benefits Everyone
  • Love: The Passageway to Normalization
  • Partnering Together for Our Children
  • Public Montessori for Early Childhood: Fidelity and Essentials
  • Q & A with Montessori Teachers – In the Classroom: Greatest Challenges & Joys
  • Spanning the Bridge: How Parent School Partnerships Benefit Students
  • Research Breakthroughs in Education: A Transformative Approach
  • Teaching from Joy & Letting Frustration Go!
  • What Every Montessori Teacher Wants Parents to Know
  • What You Need to Know about Rising Rates of Autism and Dyslexia

Parents and Caregivers

For Parents and Child Caregivers

  • Interviews with professionals who
    work with children
    and families

Helping Children + more

  • All Children Have the Right to Learn: Even the Gifted Child
  • Child's Developing Brain: How Movement Drives Pathways to the Brain
  • Cues vs. Miscues -- Understanding How Children Communicate Their Needs
  •  Foundations for Healthy, Happy Children: Essential Fatty Acids, Hormones and Brain Functions
  • Helping Children Manage Their Emotions
  • Helping Sensitive Children Flourish in an Overwhelming World
  • How to Encourage Cooperation without Yelling, Nagging or Bribing
  • Infants and Toddlers
  • Montessori and Attachment
  • Montessori in the Home
  • Raising Your Infant or Toddler, the Montessori Way!
  • Reassuring Your Child in Times of Turmoil and Uncertainty
  • Processing Grief in Our Homes and Classrooms
  • Sustainable Parenting
  • Ten Gifts for Your Unborn Child
  • Montessori Philosophy and Educational Foundations

    Montessori Educational Foundation

    • Learn the science and wisdom that is so effective in children's  classrooms today

    Unifying Principles + more

  • Gems from the Heart of Dr. Elisabeth Caspari
  • Many Paths, One Message: Help to Life
  • Montessori and the Family (teacher taught by Dr. Caspari)
  • Montessori's Discoveries
  • Montessori Education: What it is and why it should matter to you!
  • Montessori Roots
  • Power of Hands-On Learning
  • Unifying Principles of Montessori Education
  • Why Montessori Works!
  • Elementary Webinars


    Expert advice – presented by Montessorians with decades of experience

    • Find the practical application you need for your classroom  
    • Build faculty confidence  with in-depth information 

    Cosmic Plan and More

    • Beyond the Classroom Walls
    • Elementary – Heart of Montessori Elementary Education
    • Elementary Montessori: Intro to the Cosmic Plan
    • Elementary - Why Montessori for the Elementary Years?
    • Freedom and Discipline: Positive Discipline Tools for Young Children (ages 2-8) in the Classroom
    • Fundamental Needs of Man
    • Great Lessons and the Lifecycle of the Salmon
    • Great Controversy: Homework
    • Hatching the Cosmic Egg
    • How to Guide Elementary Children’s Work
    • Meeting the Needs of the Gifted Child
    • Overcome Bullying: Creating a Peaceful Classroom
    • Storytelling: The Deep Well of Time
    • Use Learning Styles to Enhance Your Child’s Education

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