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Become a part of a world-wide community of enlightened educators who teach children the way they want to learn. Montessori education is more in demand than ever before — because it works!

Dr. Montessori

We are committed to you throughout your Montessori teacher training course and walk you to the finish line. Experience a complete Montessori teacher training and certification that gives you the real depth and breadth of Maria Montessori’s legacy to the world.

Next Class Begins: September 9, 2020

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Select a Montessori Teacher Certification Program to Learn More:

  • The best way to learn to be a Montessori teacher is through our unique blended-learning approach.
  • Montessori teacher training courses by Age of Montessori are both online and hands-on. 
  • Plus you get affordable, MACTE-certified training!

Early Childhood​
Montessori Teacher Certification

Ages: 2.5 - 6 years

Do you want to become an Early Childhood School Teacher?

Elementary I and II
Montessori Teacher Certification

Ages: 6 - 12 years

Do you want to become an Elementary School Teacher?

Montessori Elementary I - II Teacher Certification Program - MACTE Accredited

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  • Teach anywhere
  • Finish in 15 to 24 months 
  • Expert faculty + personal mentoring
  • Easy Payment Plans Available
  • How Age of Montessori Teacher Certification Programs Are Structured  

1. Academic Course
~ Online ~

Interactive + Media Rich

Academic Montessori Teacher Certification Course

2. Summer Residency
In Person ~

Faculty + Hands-On

Summer Residency Program

3. Student Teaching
~ School in Your Area ~
Mentor + Site Visits

Student Teaching in Your Home Town

MACTE Accredited – What is MACTE?

Age of Montessori holds accredited status for its Early Childhood Montessori teacher education certification course level from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the year 2026.

Age of Montessori holds accredited status for its Elementary I-II teacher education certification course level from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the year 2023.

The highest quality Montessori Teacher Training available today.

"I have a Master’s degree in Education, so I’ve taken many graduate level courses.  This is easily one of the best courses I’ve ever taken.  The material is presented in a clear, sequential way.  There are specific objectives and time lines.  Also, students are given an opportunity to learn by reading books, reading selected text on the website and watching videos.  It has been a wonderful addition to my knowledge of education."

Paula M.  Educator

"Finally, we enrolled our daughter in a Montessori school, the changes in her within mere weeks was astounding. I took note of the calm and peaceful dispositions of her teachers, and wondered if there was something for adults in Montessori. I promise, teaching was never on my to do list."

Sarah B. 
Parent & Teacher

"Today marked an ending and a new beginning. I just completed my 4.5 week intensive training on Montessori approach in the gorgeous Bozeman, Montana through Age of Montessori. It was such a wonderful experience! There are no words to really describe it. I learned so much from everyone and feel much more centered and peaceful. Thank you to all the educators, staff, and students who made me look forward to going to class every day!"

Anna T. 
Montessori Teacher

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