Nurturing Your Child's Inner Life

A Practical Guide for Parents by Mary Ellen Maunz

A brilliant, heart-warming and inspiring book that explores how children are born with an innate knowing of the spirit within. Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Life helps you understand this powerful force and how to nurture it. Mary Ellen Maunz explores how you can help children become more peaceful as they encounter the spirit within.

No matter what our beliefs, moms and dads everywhere desire to give their children opportunities to forge their own connections with the spirit. And despite any negative influences in our own upbringing, we are determined to give our children the best. In Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Life, veteran educator and mother of three, Mary Ellen Maunz brings to life the concepts of Dr. Maria Montessori, founder of the Montessori Method of education. Based on her profound understanding that the child is our great hope for a peaceful world, Dr. Montessori was thrice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Learn how a child can:

  • Flourish through each stage of development, even before birth
  • Navigate through the challenges of the teen years
  • Feel at home in the universe
  • Express harmony, good will and virtue
  • Understand the Golden Rule as taught in 14 spiritual traditions

Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Life
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Reviews from Amazon:

“This is a wonderful book, with plenty of real-life stories and practical ideas about how parents (teachers, grandparents, baby-sitters, etc.) can nurture a child’s spiritual nature and help her/him become the best they can be. Ms. Maunz gives great insight into the spiritual development of a child, from before birth through the age of 12. She introduces step-by-step lessons and a “clock of virtues,” which includes a list of virtues and a good number of recommended books to go with them (always appreciated!).”

“I could not put the book down. I found that the concepts are not only essential for parents, but also gave me a world view that was most helpful for myself. And, my inner child was delighted and comforted by the activities and lessons that are described.

“First, this book makes the Montessori approach to education understandable for anyone. Most people have heard of the Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Maria Montessori, or seen Montessori schools around. Some of my friends have children in these schools so I know something of the views of this great educator. But, with my busy schedule, I have not always found the time for lengthy texts on the subject. Mary Ellen Maunz’ summary in this book is inspiring, to-the-point, and easy.

“I also loved the descriptions of the stages of development of the inner life of the child at each age. Maunz gives us actual experiences and things to watch for in children. She coachs us on how to let the child explore safely and with encouragement. But, I took from this techniques for adults as well. Montessori described children as unfolding the divine genius within. We just need to prepare the environment and allow the process to happen with sensitive guidance. I realized that I can apply this to my interactions with my spiritually-minded grown-up friends who ask for direction. Awesome.”

Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Life
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Price: $18.90 with shipping and handling


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