Age of Montessori Materials for Your Montessori Classroom

Age of Montessori materials help students read naturally, and learn Geography and the Fundamentals of Mankind with fun interactive learning materials. Teachers, parents and homeschoolers can easily integrate these Montessori materials into their Early Childhood or Elementary classrooms.

Royal Road to Reading DVDs - early childhood reading program

Royal Road to Reading Program

The best early literacy program that works like a young child’s brain works.

Royal Road to Reading DVDs and Materials

  • DVD 1: Vocabulary and 48 high quality color photos
  • DVD 2: Sounds and Letters and 124 learning game cards
  • DVD 3: Words and Sentences and 244 learning game cards

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Fundamental Needs of Mankind charts

Fundamental Needs of Mankind

This beautiful, in-depth Needs of Mankind chart comes with a complete set of materials and research stories for each image. It opens the door for children to study any civilization during any time period.

Great teaching material for Montessori schools, public schools and homeschoolers alike.

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Montessori materials - Geography charts and manual

Geography Impressionistic Charts and Study Guide

Age of Montessori’s geography charts are available with engaging, colorful illustrations! The accompanying study guide offers the narrative of how each chart is presented, complete with all the experiments. Take the mystery out of organizing and presenting your Elementary geography lessons.

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Age of Montessori elementary curriculum charts

Complete Age of Montessori Elementary 1 & 2 Curriculum Chart

Show parents the Montessori Elementary Curriculum Charts School directors and teachers, show parents what their children will accomplish in your Montessori Elementary classes!

These charts, color-coded by subject and year, show the progression of Practical Life, Math, Geometry, Language, Biology, History and Geography lessons from Early Childhood through grade 6.

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Nurturing Your Child's Inner Life

Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Life by Mary Ellen Maunz

A brilliant, heart-warming and inspiring book that explores how children are born with an innate knowing of the spirit within. The intent of Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Life is to help us understand this powerful force and nurture it. Mary Ellen Maunz explores how to help children become more peaceful as they encounter the spirit within. Learn how your child can:

  • Flourish through each stage of development, even before birth
  • Navigate through the challenges of the teen years
  • Feel at home in the universe
  • Express harmony, good will and virtue
  • Understand the Golden Rule as taught in 14 spiritual traditions

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