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Become a MACTE-Certified Montessori Elementary Teacher 

Become a Montessori Elementary Teacher

Next Class Begins: September 16, 2020

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Streamlined Teacher Certification Program

  • Teach anywhere ~ MACTE Accreditation is accepted world-wide
  • Premier training ~ authentic Montessori-based training with personal mentoring by exceptional faculty
  • Easy Payment Plans Available  
  • Finish in 14 to 26 months  ~ Three required components: Online interactive Academic Course + 4 week in-person Residency + 9 month Student Teaching at school near you.
  • Prerequisites ~ Bachelor's degree +

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Montessori Teacher Training Course Overview

AoM’s MACTE-accredited Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Training course has three components and two prerequisites:
(All components are required for MACTE teacher certification)

Prerequisite for Elementary Certification:

  1. Bachelor’s degree and
  2. MACTE-accredited Early Childhood Certificate, or the Age of Montessori Pre-requisite Course

Three Required Course Components:

               Part 1. Montessori Online Distance Learning – 8 months
               Part 2. In-person Residency – 4 weeks
               Part 3. Montessori Teaching Internship – 9 months




Elementary Online Academic Course

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1. Online and Interactive
             - 8 Month Academic Course

Conveniently work on the elementary teaching course from your home and integrate it into your daily life. Your program begins with a deep study of:

  • Child development
  • Montessori philosophy and psychology​
  • Overview of the elementary curriculum
  • As well as the spiritual preparation and transformation of the teacher.

This rich content is taught through a robust, interactive online environment.

Academic Course Topics 

  • Getting to Know Your Prepared Online Environment
  • The Heart of the Elementary Curriculum
  • Preparation of the Montessori Elementary Teacher
  • Human Tendencies and the Stages of Development
  • The Imagination and the Growth of Intelligence
  • The Cosmic Plan – Overview
  • The Cosmic Plan – Culture
  • The Prepared Environment
  • Geometry
  • Math
  • The Cosmic Plan – Biology
  • The Cosmic Plan – Geography
  • The Cosmic Plan – History
  • Language
  • Classroom Management and Education for Peace
  • Introduction to Internship

Age of Montessori holds accredited status for its Elementary I-II teacher education certification course level from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the year 2023.  www.macte.org

Don’t wait – Schools nationwide need qualified Montessori teachers

Next Class Begins:  September 16, 2020

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Age of Montessori is the premier Montessori teacher education; rich and robust content!

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Application for Elementary Teacher Program

1. Academic Online Course Dates

Complete this 8 month
engaging, interactive program.
Fall Start Date:  September 16, 2020

Montessori Elementary Online Academic Program
Elementary Students Work Together at Summer Residency
2. Residency Dates
Complete 4 weeks summer residency with hands-on training in Bozeman, MT(Call for other locations) 2021

Application for EL-II Residency (ages 9-12) 

3. Internship Dates
Complete your assistant teacher training in an approved Montessori School near your home for a full academic year. September, 2020  ~ May, 2021
Montessori Elementary Students Practice Teaching in Local Schools


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What is your investment to be a Montessori teacher 
and have a profession you love?

Elementary Certification Program
EL-I (ages 6-9) and EL-II (ages 9-12)

EL-I Certification Program (ages 6-9):

  1.   8-month online study
  2.    4-week In-Person Residency*
  3.    9-month Internship
  • Tuition: $7,200
  • Fees: $755
  • Total: $7,955

Call 406-284-2160 to find out about payment plans 

  • NOTE: $100 non-refundable fee required with application.

EL-II Certification Program (ages 9-12):

EL 2 Certification -Tuition: $2,865

    (If completed EL-1 with Age of Montessori)

EL 2 Certification – Tuition: $4,145 

    (Open to students with approved EL – 1 Cert.)

Additional Certification Courses Expenses

  • Travel, room and board during the onsite Residency varies and is the responsibility of the student. Every effort will be made to assist students to find housing for minimal rates.


(Age of Montessori reserves the right to change our Tuition & Fees)

Co-Developers of the Elementary Program:

Age of Montessori was founded by Mary Ellen Maunz in 2011, after decades of Montessori classroom teaching, training teachers, and administering a large school. Certified in Early Childhood and Elementary I and II, Mary Ellen was mentored for more than 20 years by Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, personal friend and student of Maria Montessori, as a trainer of teachers. The legacy lives on!

Irma Rodriguez

Elementary co-developer Irma Rodriguez, lives and works in Victoria, British Columbia. She and Mary Ellen were trained at the International Center for Montessori Studies in Bergamo, Italy in 1974-1975. As lifelong Montessorians who are passionate about Montessori’s Cosmic Plan curriculum, they collaborated to make the highest quality Montessori elementary training available in a powerful, blended course to students throughout the world.

Review by Students and Invitation by Founder 

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Next Class Begins: September 16, 2020

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