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Articles on Montessori Education

As administrators of schools, would you like to provide rich learning experiences for your teachers and parents?

Focus on Learning to Read

After decades of controversy about how to teach children to read, American universities conducted extensive research at multiple sites over an extended thirty-year period of time to determine the most effective techniques. The conclusions were that there are three “non-negotiables” of early reading. That means they are so strongly indicated in replicated research studies that they are beyond discussion. We need to give children these three things: READ MORE

Montessori and Executive Functions in the Brain

mathematics montessori lessonChildren all around the world are going back to school. Parents everywhere want their children to do well.  Doing well has many facets: good grades, athletic accomplishment, good social skills, and the work ethic, to name a few. The latest research is pointing out that the development of executive functioning may be among the most important of all.

Executive functions refer to the ability to focus and concentrate as well as to choose. In Montessori, starting with three-year-olds, children choose their work. They use what psychologists are calling executive functions in the brain. They select what to do on a given day and monitor how long they will stay with it. The more interesting the task, the longer they work and the more focused they become. There are no artificial time barriers, like an hour of this and another hour of that, and then recess for all. READ MORE

Montessori: The Missing Voice in the Educational Reform Debate

Commentary on the Huffington Post Article: Montessori Education Debate

The words of Laura Flores Shaw are like music to my ears! Yes, Montessori needs to be looked at and deeply examined as the debate over American education rages on. Yes, many of the answers to seemingly intractable issues can be found in Montessori. Yes, it is a powerful means to re-instill dignity into our children’s educational experience and help them tap their potential. Yes, yes, yes! READ MORE

Montessori and the Work Ethic

focused study of world map

The latest research is pointing out that using executive functions of focus and choices are the leading factors in long-term school and life success, as we spoke about in our last blog. Part of the executive functioning is learning to work and liking work. READ MORE


Montessori Teacher Training and Certification

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Montessori Teacher Training Certification

Age of Montessori offers high-quality instruction for you and your teachers through Montessori’s cutting-edge principles of early childhood education. Master Teachers with decades of hands-on experience provide a comprehensive online and face-to-face program designed to raise your teaching staff and your school to higher levels of excellence.

AoM presents an in-depth curriculum, vivid presentations, and measurable outcomes in an affordable course that can be used for initial teacher credentialing, as a refresher for experienced teachers, and for administrators who wish to better support their staff.

Refresher Course

Certified Montessori teachers are invited to take our non-credit option for the best refresher course available anywhere! READ MORE

MACTE-accredited Age of MontessoriAge of Montessori holds accredited status for its Early Childhood teacher education certification course from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through 2026.

Age of Montessori holds accredited status for its Elementary I-II teacher education certification course level from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the year 2023.

Testimonials from Current Students

This course is a masterpiece!
–  J.N., Montessori Elementary Master Teacher, St. Charles, Missouri  … READ MORE

Making a Difference

In this section you will find interesting perspectives on Montessori education from:

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  • Parents of Montessori students
  • Research findings about Montessori education
  • Wall Street Journal article: “The Montessori Mafia”


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