Age of Montessori is please to offer you two degree options for a Master of Education with:

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Endicott College-TIES Master of Education (M.Ed.) (Option)

TIES - The Institute for Educational Studies


For more information:
(406) 284-2160 (Registrar)

Students enrolled in the Age of Montessori programs are eligible for admission into the Endicott College-TIES Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Montessori Integrative Learning. You will receive generous credit for all of the work you complete through Age of Montessori.

The course is delivered online through a specially designed eCampus. It is facilitated by experienced Montessorians who are members of the Endicott College/TIES faculty.  Age of Montessori Founder and Program Director, Mary Ellen Maunz, earned her M.Ed. from this institution and thinks very highly of the program and its faculty.

Endicott provides a substantial tuition discount for jointly enrolled AoM students. For more detailed information visit their web site: or write to [email protected]

Please read this  2016-Endicott Masters Program in Montessori Education
for more information about the Endicott college opportunity.

Sarasota University – Master of Education (M.Ed.) (Option)

Sarasota UniveristyFor more information:
(406) 284-2160 (AoM Registrar)
(866) 582-8448 – ext. 0 (Sarasota Admissions)

Age of Montessori students and graduates are eligible to enroll in a Master Degree program with Sarasota University.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we want to announce the formal partnership between Age of Montessori and Sarasota University. Our partnership allows current students and alumni from Age of Montessori to apply credits they have earned for their Early Childhood certification towards a Master’s degree in Montessori Education from Sarasota University. Or, students may also apply credits towards a Master’s degree in Montessori Leadership.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sarasota University Admissions at 866.582.8448 ext. “0” or Age of Montessori at 406.284.2160.

Again, we are very excited to establish our relationship because we feel it provides a wonderful opportunity for all of our students and graduates.

For more detailed information visit:

Sarasota University
Sarasota University
, a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3), strengths-based University, started with the idea of bringing a new concept to higher education. The mission of the University is to make a difference in people’s lives through strengths-based education. The University believes that everyone has value and everyone has a unique combination of strengths. Instead of focusing on fixing weaknesses and areas needing improvement, the academic curriculum is designed to help students to maximize their strengths.

The University requires every educator to intentionally and systematically discover their own talents and to develop and apply their strengths to remain current in their field. The University encourages its faculty to utilize their strengths to improve their teaching methods, to undertake scholarly research, and to maintain curriculum abreast of the changing dynamics in their respective fields and areas of interest.

At Sarasota University, students, prior to the start of taking their first course, complete the StrengthsFinder Test (Rath, 2007). The strengths assessment provides the individual his/her top five strengths. The purpose of students (and faculty, as well as, all other personnel) taking the strengths assessment is to create a formal operational setting in which valuing individual difference and strengths permeates all aspects of the institution.

Sarasota University offers online Master level degree programs in Montessori Education (MAEd) and Montessori Leadership (MA). Each degree program is 36 credit hours. Students who have earned a Montessori credential from a certified training program may apply credits from prior learning to each program. Students may potentially apply up to 18 credit hours towards the Montessori Education program and up to 12 credit hours towards the Montessori Leadership program. The online learning management system is set up to allow students to attend classes from anywhere in the world at anytime of the day all year round.

For more detailed information visit:


Sarasota Montessori Course Descriptions

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