Early Reading ~ The Gateway to Learning

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Everything you need to understand how a child
learns to read and write

Improve Your Montessori Teaching Skills Today!

*  How children are naturally ready to learn to read
        before 1st grade!

*  Creating a learning environment – simply and easily

*  How to work through reading and writing problems

*  Games that make reading and writing fun


Professional Development ~ Early Reading Course

Topics + Montessori Lesson Videos

  • Development of Language: Oral Comprehension
  • Development of Language: Magic of Words 
  • Development of Language: Oral Language and Vocabulary 
  • Development of Language: Phonemic Awareness
  • Development of Language: Letter Mastery, Beginning to Write and Read 
  • Development of Language: Sight Words and Spelling Patterns, the Phonograms

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The Early Years are Critical for
Learning to Read and Write

Ensure that your students are learning to write and read with the Age of Montessori’s online Teach Reading and Writing the Montessori Way course.

For Early Childhood Teachers, Classroom Assistants, and Daycare Providers

To help your children learn habits of mind that lead to comprehending what they read, we begin with some easy-to-use activities for expanding children’s vocabulary and oral comprehension skills. It all starts with making the most of the stories you read aloud to toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Our Montessori reading master teachers’ four decades of experience and research created a clear and easy Montessori program to follow: sounds, letters, words and sentences. After laying a foundation of expanding vocabulary and setting the patterns for comprehension, we begin with sounds and phonemic awareness – which is the child’s ability to identify and work with the individual speech sounds that make up words. Next, students learn to match the speech sounds to letters and learn to recognize and write each letter by its sound.

Once children master sounds and letters, they are ready to write and read by putting those letters into words. Finally moving naturally to sentences and connected text, and then handling those pesky English spelling patterns that we all have to learn.

Despite American education’s 60% failure rate teaching reading skills, Montessori teachers know that this statistic can change once teachers and parents find out how early and naturally children can learn to read.

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