Hands on Math – the Montessori Way (online)

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The Early Years are Critical Learn how to teach the fundamentals of math!

Improve Your Montessori Teaching Skills Today!

*   A hands-on way to teach young children math  

*   The natural order and sequence of learning math  

*   How to teach not only how to count, but also subtract, divide and multiply

*   Keys to teaching math to older children

Montessori Math for Young Children Online, Interactive Course

 Professional Development ~ Hands on Math - the Montessori Way

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What you will learn:  

  • Why and how we teach math to young children
  • Early preparation of the mathematical mind - made simple
  • Numeration 1 - 10
  • Decimal system
  • Four operations (+ - x ÷) 
  • Linear counting with tweens and tens
  • Memorization of Facts
  • Elementary Math: Foundation to logical thinking 

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Start Dates: July 14, Oct. 13, Dec. 8, 2020
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Hands On Math - The Montessori Way - Online Course
Hands On Math - The Montessori Way - Online Course

For Teachers, Schools, Daycare Providers and Parents   

The Early Years are Critical for the Young Child to Master Math

If you want to ensure that your child masters the fundamentals of mathematics, come join Age of Montessori’s Early Preparation of the Mathematical Mind online course.

This course will show you how easy it is, in a logical, step-by-step process, to teach your child (or your entire class) the fundamentals of math in a hands-on manner. You learn how to teach:

  • Numeration from 1-10,
  • Basics of our base ten decimal system (1-10-100-1000) and place value,
  • Functions of the four operations, +, -, x and ÷,
  • Linear counting and
  • Easy ways for children to begin to memorize their tables.

Gain valuable training on using the beautiful Montessori materials for early math and, more importantly, the sequence and the importance of isolating one difficulty at a time as you help your child build understanding and skills.

Once you understand the steps on the path, you can lead your child through the basic sequence whether you have the materials or not. While we will show you many beautiful Montessori materials, it is also possible to present many of these concepts with materials you make or assemble at home.

Don’t let current confusion over how to teach math make it more difficult than it needs to be! 

Watch Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Founder and Program Director, explain Dr. Maria Montessori's discovery of the early preparation of the mathematical mind and the materials she developed.  

We are pleased to welcome you on this journey of the early preparation of the mathematical mind for the young child. Maria Montessori’s profound understanding combined with the expertise of Mary Ellen Maunz provides us with a clear and sure path to follow. We know this information will prove of practical use to you.

When learning is clear, hands-on and fun, children make amazing progress. And the icing on the cake is to hear them say, “I love math!”

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