An Early Childhood Reading Program

Early Literacy Program For Teachers and Parents, and Homeschoolers

The world’s top solution to early mastery of reading.

Because it works like the young child’s brain works.

The steps in the Royal Road to Reading early childhood reading program has been implemented in many homes and schools with the same dramatic success rate. When you use the Royal Road to Reading program, you give your child the gift of reading. Which means you will ensure the building of a strong foundation for success in school and in life.

What’s more, if you have any leftover doubts about whether this early childhood literacy program is for you, I want you to put any such thoughts aside. Besides the resources on early childhood reading research, we have many articles by teaching experts on helping children to read. The Royal Road to Reading is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Take charge of your child’s future and give him or her the gift of early literacy.

Royal Road to Reading Program – All Three DVDs Plus Reading Materials

AoM reading program - materials and DVDs

Royal Road to Reading DVDs and Materials

  • DVD #1: Vocabulary and 48 high quality color photos
  • DVD #2: Sounds and Letters and 124 learning game cards
  • DVD #3: Words and Sentences and 244 learning game cards

Unconditional money-back guarantee

All three DVDs plus the Montessori reading materials used in the videos.

For USA: $210 + $10 Shipping & Handling (Continental USA)

For Canada: $210 + $25 Shipping & Handling 

For International Orders: $210 + $65 Int’l Shipping & Handling
For International Orders via PayPal, you can also email your order to us for calculating shipping to your country.

What Parents and Teachers Are Saying…

“A comprehensive program. The step-by-step instructions are extremely thorough and easy to follow. Children love it and repeat the lessons many times while they are learning the principle!” — Rebecca K. Pre-Kindergarten teacher

“The Royal Road to Reading is a very authentic, no gimmick approach to guiding your children to reading mastery. Adult involvement and activities that you can do anywhere make it a very realistic program for busy parents.” — Suzi R., mother of 2 ½ year old and 5
month old

“We are amazed. After using the principles in this program, for the first time in our teaching careers, up to one-third of our children have started to read words, and it is only January.” — Betty M. and Alice R, kindergarten teachers with 25 years of experience each

“I started using this and seeming miracles occurred. Children who had been stuck on their letters for a long time began learning them in one sitting. Techniques for training the ear to hear the sounds in words had been missing in our language curriculum. Some of our children hadn’t been able to bridge the gap. After playing these games, they are finally reading.” — Kathryn H. Pre-K teacher

What Incentivized Reviewers Are Saying…

We gave our reading program to some of the toughest testers we could find, here is their reviews:

Grandmother and girl reading

“I am loving The Royal Road to Reading! Honestly, I have tried so many different programs over the years with my kids. It can be exhausting finding one that truly works. So finding one that offers you all of the knowledge, all of the materials, and all of the support you need to teach your child to read is amazing. I love that it offers you three DVD’s with booklets, all of the materials packaged separately to go with each level of learning, plus online resources. This makes it so much easier for you to have everything organized and ready. Read more…” —

“The program focuses on how children learn best, with hands on lessons and fun games. Repetition and reiteration helps children to feel confident in the phonics they are learning and ignites a flame in their natural inquisitive minds. I cannot wait to walk you through the DVDs and materials that come with the Royal Road To Reading program. I know you will feel the same kind of confidence and empowerment to teach your children to read that I now have after working through this program. Read more…” —

customer support

Additional Support Option:

If you need a greater level of support for one-on-one help with your child’s early reading challenges, we also offer a personal consultation with one of our Royal Road to Reading staff.

Added Value: Online Training Webinars

We go the extra mile to assure you that you will not be alone using the Royal Road to Reading program. We are here for you! In addition to the reading program DVDs and materials, you gain access to a our online webinars.

Watch these free webinars on early childhood reading and ways to teach your children:

Even if you’ve never taught anything to anyone before, I promise you that with some focused attention on your part, you can teach your child not only to read, but also to enjoy doing every activity.

The Royal Road to Reading Triple Guarantee

For your absolute satisfaction and peace of mind

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