International Affiliate Program

Montessori Affiliate Program

Age of Montessori is currently offering an Affiliate Certificate as an alternative online teacher training program for our qualified international applicants.

This program is designed for international teacher trainees who want to learn the Montessori method of teaching but may not be able to attend an in-person Residency and who do not have a Montessori school nearby in which to serve an Internship.

The affiliate teacher training program is available for:

The affiliate teacher training program includes:

  • The same 8-month online study of Montessori’s philosophy and pedagogy the students working for certification and diploma receive,
  • Training under the direction of our MACTE-certified teacher training faculty,
  • Online interaction with your fellow students and teacher,
  • Master Teachers presenting the Montessori lessons in our professionally-produced videos, and
  • The standard teacher training required readings and written assignments to be graded.

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“This is the beauty of our online community; we are able to interact with people from all over the country, and possibly internationally!”


“I agree that this training works so well into my current work and home schedule.”


“I realized how excited I am to begin this in depth, comprehensive training, and to connect with everyone involved. I expect that I will be fully prepared to become the best Montessori teacher I can, and get to know some fabulous fellow Montessorians!”

montessori teacher training-courseAt the successful completion of this course, you are awarded an Age of Montessori Affiliate Certificate.

Based on our accredited Montessori Teacher Training online program that has been praised by Montessori professionals, this Affiliate Certificate program has the same rich content and in-depth presentation of Maria Montessori’s original teachings, as passed to her direct pupil, Madame Elisabeth Caspari. Dr. Caspari trained our Program Director, Mary Ellen Maunz. Wherever you are in the world, you gain access to the heart of Montessori’s message.

TUITION: The base tuition for the Affiliate Certificate program for:

  • Early Childhood Affiliate Certificate Program is $4,280 US plus a $100 non-refundable application fee.
  • Elementary Affiliate Certificate Program is $4,384 US plus a $100 non-refundable application fee.

The tuition for this new program includes your Teacher’s Manuals (+ international shipping) and access to our video library of Montessori lesson presentations. No in-person Residency or Internship is required for the Affiliate Program.

The Affiliate Certificate program is only available to international applicants.

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Early Childhood Program – $4,280
Elementary Program – $4,384 each

Next Enrollment Dates:

Early Childhood Program - September 9, 2020

Elementary Program - September 16, 2020


AFFILIATE Application Package 2020  (click to download)

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“Last year I took the online Early Childhood course with Age of Montessori and I was amazed by Maria Montessori’s life, discoveries and method. This course was for me a great encounter of how to conceive children’s education and how important [it] is to respect them and fulfill their potentialities at early ages. As a mom of four children (3.5 months twins, 4 and 2.8 years old), I try to transmit this philosophy and method to my children on a daily basis.”


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