Training and Certifying Montessori Teachers
Educating Parents on Early Childhood Learning

Age of Montessori trains and certifies Montessori teachers online and in-person, as well as educates parents on early childhood education. Our staff of teacher trainers uses their 40+ years of experience to bring the wisdom of Maria Montessori and her methods for unlocking the inner genius of the child into your home. Our online course, seminars and webinars are studied by parents and teachers all over the world.

As well as our online training, Mary Ellen Maunz travels the world holding teacher and parent training courses with regular trips to Russia, Latvia and Australia. We create products for teachers to use in the classroom or parents to use at home.  Mary Ellen has authored two books Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Life and Learning to Read is Child’s Play. We have been teaching children how to read for decades and recently launched The Royal Road to Reading.

Early Childhood Teacher Certification Course

Happy Age of Montessori StudentsAge of Montessori’s teacher training course graduates teachers who have an in-depth understanding of the Montessori method. They learn how to maintain a lively yet disciplined classroom; and how to work with parents for the best education for their children.

Our unique blended-learning approach (online and in-person) gives you the necessary time to absorb the fullness of the educational system that you will use to unfold the genius in children for years to come. We prepare you well with theory, methodology and extensive hands-on practice with beautiful classroom materials.

We hold accredited status for this course from the Montessori Accrediting Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the year 2019.

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Students enrolled in the Age of Montessori programs are eligible for admission into the Endicott College – TIES Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Montessori Integrative Learning.

Elementary I & II Teacher Certification Program

We welcome students who seek the entire Elementary I & II credential.

Read more about the Elementary I and II Program

 Also, we are delighted that we can now offer our students not only their Elementary certification, but also access to a Masters’ degree in education through Sarasota University.

Founder and Executive Director

 Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Founder and Program Director

Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed., Executive Director, Age of MontessoriMary Ellen Maunz, mother of three grown children, has forty years of experience in Montessori education. She holds a M.Ed. in Integrative Learning from Endicott College and a B.S. in Child Development from the University of La Verne. She holds credentials as a Montessori teacher for ages 2½–7, ages 6–12 and as a Master Teacher.

Mary Ellen worked for two decades with Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, student and personal friend of Dr. Maria Montessori. She served for nearly ten years as a Board Member and Commissioner for the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) and continues to act as onsite evaluator.

Author of Nurturing Your Child’s Inner Life and Learning to Read is Child’s Play, Maunz has been training parents and teachers how to teach their children to read for decades.

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Tani Kingston, B.A., Executive Director

Tani Kingston, Executive DirectorTani brings nine years of experience in distance education at Capella University.  In her different roles as a manager at Capella, she became well versed in many areas of delivering high-quality education online.

She has over 30 years’ experience as an educator and administrator at secondary and post-secondary levels, including managing a boarding school for high school students.

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It all started with friendship

Elisabeth Caspari became friends with Maria Montessori during their four-year association in India. Caspari took her training from Montessori at Adyar, India, in 1942-43, in a hut with several hundred teachers from around the world.

Montessori (seated far left) teaching in Adyar

But that was just the beginning

Elisabeth Caspari and her husband Charles found jobs at a school for the children of American missionaries in a lovely hill station called Kodikanal. By chance, Maria Montessori was sent to the same village to spend the war years during World War II, and these two refined European ladies had four years or friendship together.

Beautiful Kodikanal

Fast forward to 1972

Mary Ellen was finishing her Montessori training and Dr. Feland Meadows wanted to start a quality Montessori school in Mexico City. Elisabeth Caspari was his number one pick. They met and he asked her to come to Mexico City to train his teachers. Her response to him was: “Sir! I am not a bird on a branch!” She had many other obligations before her, but before long, she was in Mexico City and in 1973 she and Dr. Meadows founded the Pan American Montessori Society.

Sir! I am not a bird on a branch!”

Fast forward again to 1979 when Elisabeth Caspari first came into contact with Mary Ellen Maunz. Once again, it all started with friendship.

Elisabeth Caspari and Mary Ellen Maunz, 1981

Mary Ellen becomes Dr. Caspari’s student

Mary Ellen became Elisabeth’s student as on January 6, 1980 they began training teachers together. In 1983 Mary Ellen was awarded the Pan American Master Teacher credential from both Dr. Meadows and Dr. Caspari. Thus began an association that lasted until Dr. Caspari passed away at age 102 in 2002.

Mary Ellen’s graduation in Mexico City, June 1983
Mary Ellen’s graduation in Mexico City, June 1983


Mary Ellen & Elisabeth, Christmas 2001

Age of Montessori Presents Caspari History at MACTE Conference

And the association between Maunz and Dr. Meadows continued through the years. At the annual MACTE Symposium at Alexandria, Virginia in December 2013 where Dr. Meadows, with Mary Ellen’s help, celebrated PAMS 40th anniversary. Mary Ellen offered an overview for attendees of the history of the associations of Montessori with Caspari and Caspari with Meadows and Maunz.

Mary Ellen presenting PAMS 40-year history to MACTE Symposium, December 2013

Here’s to friendship!

Both Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed. and Dr. Meadows were recipients of the MACTE and IAME (International Association of Montessori Educators) Wisdom of the Elders awards (2013 and 2012 respectively).

Mary Ellen Maunz and Dr. Feland Meadows

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